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Weight Loss Hypnosis

All across the country more and more people are trying to lose weight. Whether it is so he or she can look better, feel better or for health reasons such as diabetes, people are trying to shed weight and are looking for help to do it. One place people are looking for help is through hypnosis. And the number of people taking the route of hypnosis is growing.

How hypnosis is used for weight loss is that a person is put into an altered state of consciousness, also known as a trance state. This is a state where the person’s attention is highly focused, making him or her more responsive to suggestions for behavior modification. This does not mean being able to make a person do something he or she would find morally objectionable, but rather implanting a suggestion like when the person has a craving for something sweet that she would reach for the apple rather than the chocolate bar. Along with modifying the eating habits, hypnosis can also be used to alter the thought pattern associated with exercise. While under hypnosis the suggestion of taking the stairs instead of the elevator could be introduced.

Hypnosis can also be used to help combat negative self talk. This is the inner dialog that can cheer a person on and tell him good job for eating those Brussels sprouts or make him feel guilty and like a failure for having that tic tac. Hypnosis can reprogram that voice to tell a person that he’s not a failure, but just slipped up and will do better when next presented with a similar situation.
Using hypnosis for weight loss might not be a quick fix for everybody however it definitely can aid will power and ease the change in ones lifestyle that is necessary to lose weight and keep it off.