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Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Smoking Cessation

No smoking within 100ft of entrance. Non-smoking facility. No smoking allowed. These are just a few of the signs that welcome a would be smoker. Anyone who smokes in the United States is often made to feel like a pariah, unwelcome and unwanted. Many smokers actually have the desire to quit, but it can be a difficult and daunting task. It is a multi-pronged addiction.

Physically an individual is habituated to the nicotine, and it also meets mental and emotional needs. It can “help you unwind” after a long day at work, or complete a satisfying meal with that cup of coffee, or possibly that last cigarette of the day to help you relax before bed. Some people find it so overwhelming, seemingly so that they often will stop trying to quit after several unsuccessful attempts. Each attempt becomes more desperate than the last, just re-enforcing the person’s feelings of inadequacy and failure.

The concept of smoking cessation is so popular that the drug companies have jumped on the band wagon with devices like the nicotine patch and other medications. The various drugs which the FDA has currently approved for nicotine cessation have a spotty success rate at best. It is VERY difficult to get actual data in percentages as so much contradictory information is available. Some sites say that these aides double your chances of success, but yet do not tell you what the rate is prior to being doubled. No actual numbers are given, only the percentages. They are not being dishonest, just less than forthcoming. After all 2 is in fact 1 doubled. It is just that this would not be considered a worthwhile amount by most people. So while factual, the various numbers cited are not inspiring.

Part of this problem is because neither the patch nor the medication approaches were designed to be stand-alone therapies, but to be used in conjunction with other treatments to assist in behavior modification. This is where hypnotherapy can come in and bridge the gap. It has been so helpful in ensuring people’s success that Newsweek has even cited “hypnosis snuffs out smoker’s fire and desire”.

There is no deep seated mystery as to how this is achieved. In fact, with hypnotherapy, quitting smoking is actually handled very similarly to how a hypnotherapist handles many other issues: simple, straightforward, and methodical. This is effected by addressing five major issues.

  1. Motivation (this would cover the reasons to quit as well as the benefits.)
  2. Confidence (this will help the person see themselves as successful, increasing their confidence despite a past history of failure.)
  3. Changing what cigarettes mean to him/her (overcoming their relationship to cigarettes and what they mean to them to increase the odds of success.)
  4. Establishing a new, healthy relationship with cigarettes (this is what hypnotherapy does best, with great guided visualization of their body being free of all of the toxins from smoking, as well as the new lifestyle that would be free of smoking.)
  5. Relapse Prevention (this is key. At this point hypnosis has not only aided in the forming of a firm foundation for quitting smoking , but then goes on to assist the client to establish a new, healthier set of patterns.)

So if you are still struggling with that pack of cigarettes and the desire to quit, then consider exploring the option of hypnotherapy. It might just be the long awaited answer for you.

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