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Snoring Solutions

We’ve all either experienced it, or heard about it or have had someone tell us we do it. That would be snoring. It may be that our spouse snores, or someone at work telling how she didn’t get any sleep last night because her husband snores or maybe your spouse has told you that you snore. But the snorer is sleeping, what can they do since they don’t know that they are snoring? That is where hypnosis comes in and can help the person who is snoring and the person trying to sleep next to them.

A majority of the people who snore are men, but there are women who snore too. And there are many factors in the reasons why people snore. It can be as simple as the position in which the person is sleeping, which is why poking someone to get then to roll over can cure it for a bit, or it can be medical such as being overweight, or a deviated nasal septum.

Just as when we’re awake, when we’re asleep our brain filters noise and disregards the noises that are unimportant to us. This is why a parent can sleep soundly but wake instantly when their child cries in the room down the hall. They have programmed the noise filter in their brain to wake them upon hearing crying, but let them continue sleeping if they hear the neighbor’s car in the wee hours. When a person is snoring, the sound of their snoring is unimportant to them and therefore they do not wake upon hearing it. Read more »