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Self Hypnosis

Learning self-hypnosis can be a valuable tool. You can use it for anything from boosting your self esteem, to combating insomnia or to feel more empowered when speaking publicly. Self-hypnosis comes in when seeing a hypnotherapist is not possible, for re-enforcing the ground work already laid by a hypnotherapist in a previous session, or if you just want to center and calm yourself before that big, important presentation. It can take just two to three minutes and the rewards can be immeasurable.

Just like hypnosis, self hypnosis is the process of changing and re-programming thought patterns, only with out the hypnotist. You train yourself to go into a light hypnotic trance at will, then begin to add in suggestions and re-enforce ones already established. To build self esteem and see yourself in a more positive way, the steps are rather simple. You start out every night for seven nights telling yourself before you go to sleep, “every day in every way I get better and better” and while telling yourself that ten times, you see yourself in a more positive way. It sounds simple, but the effects are great and it may be that’s all you need for that little boost. If you do need more, that one simple step is the foundation from which to build a more confident you. Read more »


Relax Portland: Self-Hypnosis for Stress

Stress FreeJust Got Out of I-5 Gridlock?

Another Parking Ticket in China Town?

Somebody Broke into Your Car at the Rose Gardens?

PDX News Got You Upset?

Feeling Stressed Portlander?

Well We’ve Got a Stress-Buster For You!!!

Portland Hypnosis professional and NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor Bruce Terrill (in the goodness of his own heart for his fellow Portland’ers) has released his “STRESS BUSTER: Quick Self Hypnosis Technique For Stress“.  This release comes from the current National Guild of Hypnosis Certification Course* that Bruce is instructing at the Northwest Hypnosis Institute.


“This is a quick relaxation script that will allow you to focus on reducing stress by being calm, relaxed and in control. You can reduce stress by practicing this script several times each day as you go about your daily activities.” Get the full script for Free Now… but only if you actually live in Portland Oregon… ok, just kidding about the P-town requirement.

“*NGH Hypnosis Certificate Course Graduates are certified in 15 methods of stress management including self-hypnosis, autogenic exercises, imagery, anchoring, relaxation visualization, progressive neuromuscular relaxation, thought stopping, systematic desensitization, guided meditation, stress hypnosis, etc.See: the NW Hypnosis Institute’s Hypnosis Training Course in Portland Oregon for more info on learning hypnosis.