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How I Stopped Smoking with Hypnosis

No longer am I a slave to cigarettes, nor do I spend my “spare money” on expensive cigarettes or feel ashamed about stinking as I flit around Portland with my friends. Many years ago I was hypnotized and was able to quit smoking. Now I am one of those proud, obnoxious, ex-smokers who make friends smoke outside the house.

The biggest problem I had with smoking was the modeling I was providing for my children. Stopping smoking was a thundering message in itself to my children about my values and taking action to make caring for myself a priority! It wouldn’t matter what I said or did, if I continued to suck on a cigarette, the message would be that smoking is acceptable. Portland is a great place to raise healthy children and I didn’t want mine watching their parent participating in harmful behavior which ran contraire to my espoused views living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of oneself. Sucking up poisonous gases was not something I wanted to show my children was okay. Nor is it okay to mistreat ourselves. Addressing hard problems? Tackling a tough addiction? Not giving up? You bet! Let’s show the kids that this is how we roll!

Because I was finally successful, (I haven’t smoked for 15 years) I wanted to learn why and how hypnosis works and have considered for sometime learning to hypnotize and help others. My friends knew I had used hypnosis to quit smoking and began being interested in hypnotherapy also. But when they asked me what, exactly, a hypnotherapist does, if hypnosis works and, if so, (eye brows raised) how, I was unable to provide concrete answers. I know it works because hypnosis worked for me and I have spoken with countless co-workers and others, who have used hypnotherapy to quit smoking, lose weight and deal better with anxiety and more.

Being a critical thinker, I wanted solid information. From Wikipedia (September 20, 2011) I learned…
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