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Hypnosis for Phobias

To address phobias and the potential benefits hypnosis might have in treating them, one must first look at what exactly a phobia is. A phobia is a persistent and very likely abnormal as well as irrational fear of a very specific thing or situation. The fear, or phobia, can be and is usually so great or compelling that an individual will go to great lengths to avoid the object or situation that they are afraid of, despite any and all reassurances. These individuals usually even have an understanding on a conscious level that their phobia is not truly dangerous or any real threat.

You can Google phobia and find lists that literally rank into the hundreds of various and sundry different phobias that people struggle with. Having said this, many people have phobias that they deal with on a daily basis. Some are relatively minor while others might be quite debilitating and in fact rule a person’s life. Individuals who suffer from the more extreme phobias will actually choreograph their entire life around avoidance of their phobia. This is where hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy can assist a person in gaining control over their life. Read more »