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Nail Biting

When we meet people, we really don’t think much about the act of shaking hands with them.  But for people who bite their nails, that simple act can cause embarrassment, shame, anxiety and feelings of social stigmatism.  People who bite their nails may not understand why they do it and sometimes even feel like they have no control over it.  This is where Portland Hypnosis can help.

There are two basic reasons why a person bites their nails.  One is that it is a habit, something that the person does without realizing it such as when he or she is watching TV or a movie, or they do it even out of boredom.  The other reason is that it is a compulsion, something that the person has to do and will even interrupt other activities to bite their nails.  When this is the case, the compulsion serves a purpose, whether it is to relax the person or deliver some sort of pleasure, or sometimes when the person is bored it provides a needed degree of stimulation. Read more »


Next PDX Hypnotherapy Certification Course to Start Sat., Sept. 10th

Professional NGH Hypnosis Certification right here in Portland, Oregon

The Northwest Hypnosis Institute’s next Portland Hypnotherapy Certification Course is scheduled to start Sat., Sept. 10th. To learn more see their Complete Professional NGH Hypnotherapy Training Course page.


Anchoring Wellbeing with Hypnosis & NLP

Ever feel nervous before giving that big presentation and wish you could somehow channel the confidence you feel when you’re snowboarding? Or feel as relaxed as you do in your hammock while taking that bumpy flight? Hypnosis can help.

With hypnosis the hypnotist can take you back to a time where you felt confident, whether that was last weekend when you were snowboarding down Mt. Hood or when you were in high school and star of your team. The hypnotist will take you back to those times when you felt your most confident and connect, or anchor, that feeling to a specific gesture such as pressing your thumb and index finger together, or a word you can chant or even a piece of jewelry. So then whenever you need to feel that confidence again you can trigger it by pressing your thumb to your index finger, or chanting that magic word to yourself or wear that special piece of jewelry to bring back that feeling of being confident.

Removing that negative connection, or trigger and turning it into a positive one works much the same way. If rush hour traffic stresses you out every commute, then the hypnotist can take you to a relaxing time and anchor it to the trigger of pressing together of your fingers or even deep breaths. When it comes to anxieties or phobias to activities such as flying, the process is a little different. Instead of going back and finding a relaxing time and anchoring it to a trigger gesture, the hypnotist takes you back to find what is triggering the anxiety and why. Read more »