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Dentistry Hypnosis

People all over the world have or have had anxiety about going to the dentist. For some the anxiety is so severe that they do not ever see a dentist and let their teeth literally fall out. This anxiety can be caused from a bad experience with a dentist, fear of any potential pain, or the ill-conceived notion that our society has about going to see the dentist as being something akin to punishment. This is where hypnosis can aid in changing these modes of thought.

We’ve all had a bad experience with at dentist to one degree or another. Being made aware of our first cavity and subsequently having to have it filled. But for some people the bad experience at the dentist was traumatic. And what people find traumatic and how they respond to the trauma is different for everyone. The trauma could have been having to deal with the sound of instruments in their mouth to a painful tooth removal gone wrong. So then when it would come time to need to go to the dentist after that, the anxiety would start. Read more »