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Next NGH Hypnosis Training in Portland Oregon

Portland’s own NW Hypnosis Institute is now taking enrollment for their 2014 Professional NGH Hypnosis Training Course

People have all sorts of reasons for becoming skillful with hypnosis.  What’s your reason?  To help others?  To help yourself? To change behaviors or feelings on an subconscious level?  The list of things you can do with hypnosis is endless.  To learn more about the Northwest Hypnosis Institute’s next Portland Hypnosis Training Course see their Professional NGH Hypnosis Training page.


Next PDX Hypnotherapy Certification Course to Start Sat., Sept. 10th

Professional NGH Hypnosis Certification right here in Portland, Oregon

The Northwest Hypnosis Institute’s next Portland Hypnotherapy Certification Course is scheduled to start Sat., Sept. 10th. To learn more see their Complete Professional NGH Hypnotherapy Training Course page.


Online Hypnotherapy – part 2

< continued from: Online Hypnotherapy

When I first met Bruce Terrill, the certified instructor for The Northwest Hypnosis Institute, I asked him about on-line hypnosis certification courses. I wanted to know if I could get certified and practise without going to school here Portland, Oregon. Bruce gave me a very direct “Yes”. There where no ‘if’s”, “ands”, or “buts” to follow. Just yes, or “yeah sure”. I liked that about him and it got me thinking. And looking. On-line hypnosis training sure looks like big business. Big business in the frist place because there are so many courses to choose from. Most look somewhat reputable and all of them have a tone of well-meaning. Who to seriously consider would have to come down to how it all hit me, what associations they had, and the price, of course. It looks like certification for hypnosis therapy can be obtained for as little as a few hundred dollars. Monthly dues seem to be running on average of about fifty dollars. What the dues are for was not clear on the site I was on. At the same site there was also a great deal of things that are given away at “a value of “. The average “value” of these valuable assets being given away are promoted at about an average of $250. This is a big red flag for me. The whole thing turned out to be extremely unprofessional, and the “Master Practitioner” at the site had no name and the “certification” came from nowhere. Most sites at least have some association they are affiliated with. The best ( or worst) of it was one part of the course that was given away for free at a value of $250 was instructions on learning the course in your sleep!. I kid you not – according to the aforementioned site, you can become a certified hypnotist in your sleep. In a deep hypnotic sleep, no less. Read more »


Online Hypnotherapy

Before I started the certification course at The Northwest Hypnotherapy School, I investigated a number of online courses in the same field. Before I jumped into school here in Portland, Or. I needed to know what was going in the rest of the world and if I was going to get my money’s worth. And if it was going to be worth my time.
By going online I thought that,

  1. I could find out how realistic it was for me to make a living in the field without committing to a course.
  2. I could ascertain if the course outlines where similar and if I could get ( to some degree) the same level of confidence in a home study course as in person, and
  3. How much money I might save by taking hypnotherapy school online.

I thought these were legitimate questions and would urge anyone looking into hypnotherapy as a career to explore the same as I did. I noticed straight away that there were many courses through hypnotherapy “schools” or “institutions” or even “foundations” that offered pages and pages of free downloads to study. So I did just that and started reading the material. Most of them started with a brief history of hypnosis and more than a brief outline of all the popular misconceptions of what hypnotherapy was not. Read more »