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The Cat In The Hat – Hypnosis for Children

In the first class I attended at The Northwest Hypnosis Intitute, Bruce Terrill, our instructor, went around the room and asked each student a series of casual questions, one of which was if they had an idea what kind of hypnosis they might want to specialize in if they successfully completed the course. The majority of students, including myself, did not have a clear-cut answer. Two professionals in health care mentioned that they wanted to use their hypnotherapy training to advance their careers. One fellow wants to be a stage-hypnotist and one woman wants to use it for birthing – as part of natural childbirth. This proved interesting and the conversation quickly moved on to how hypnosis is working for children with challenges.

In the medical field, textbooks state that children do not fully develop cognitive processes until about 11 or 12. They have fewer imprints and they don’t worry so much about the facts on how the world should be. They don’t critically evaluate things as readily. And why should they? They’re kids. They daydream, often their attention spans are very short, and they are easily distracted. And all these tendencies make them excellent candidates for hypnosis. When a child listens to a fairy tale, they tend to get completely absorbed, forgetting about the outside world. They’re in a trance, and when the story is finished, they take from the story impressions that become operative in their everyday life. Because of these factors and more, it is commonly accepted in the world of hypnotherapy that children are much more responsive to hypnosis than adults. Read more »