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Hypnosis Facts:

  • All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis is relaxing and refreshing.
  • Most hypnosis is like “guided visualization.”
  • Daydreaming occurs in a state of hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis is very powerful yet quite simple.
  • What most people “assume” about hypnosis is simply untrue.
  • Hypnosis most often deals with the “sub-conscious mind” which is commonly related to the mind of a seven (7) year old.
  • Have you ever felt like you were on “auto pilot” while driving?  That too is a state of hypnosis.
  • The “goal” of hypnosis is to bypass the “critical mind” and facilitate change.
  • We ALL experience states of hypnosis on a daily basis – most of us at least 50 times per day.
  • If you’ve ever experienced emotions from watching a movie, you’ve been in a state of hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis has long been one of the best kept secrets of high achievers and the most successful people; including doctors, lawyers, business professionals, top entertainers and sports stars.

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