Hypnosis to Help with Chewing Tobacco Addiction

We all hear how unhealthy smoking is, and about second hand smoke and now how public places are smoke free. What we don’t hear about is smokeless tobacco and the consequences caused by the habit. Some people turn to it because it is more convenient than smoking, and others picked up the habit because their sports hero or other role model dipped. Everyone hears about lung cancer and how it’s linked to smoking or second hand smoke. There is little or no mention of lip, tongue or mouth cancer caused by smokeless tobacco. Unlike innocent victims of lung cancer caused by second hand smoke, there are no innocent victims of mouth cancer by smokeless tobacco for the media to display. Therefore the dangerous addiction to smokeless tobacco still resides in the shadows.

Just as hypnosis can help a smoker stop smoking, it can help a smokeless tobacco user quit their habit. There are essentially three parts to the addiction to smokeless tobacco. Just as a smoker will light up in response to stress a person who chews tobacco will grab a dip in response to anxiety. And sometimes they will dip for pleasure just as a smoker will enjoy that cigarette after a meal. The second part of the addiction is purely habit. Just as we are conditioned to make it a habit to buy popcorn and a soda pop at the movies or make sure the front door is locked when we leave the house, for some it is habit to chew tobacco when they drive or dip when they are watching sports. The third and possibly weakest part is physical addiction. Sounds counter intuitive, but it is not. Once the body has gone seven days without nicotine, it is out of your system and your body no longer craves it. It’s the psychological aspects that can keep people addicted. And those are the aspects that hypnosis addresses.

Hypnosis can go into a person’s subconscious and modify their stress responses. Combine it with relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, or breathing and visualization and the person can calm down or relax with out the aid of smokeless tobacco. Thus eliminating the need for the crutch of smokeless tobacco to feel relaxed.

Breaking the unconscious habit of dipping while engaging in certain activities can also be addressed with hypnosis. While under hypnosis the person can be guided to see themselves doing the activities they would normally do with a dip of chew in their mouth, without it. They would essentially see themselves living their life free of smokeless tobacco and being happier for it. Once the psychological addiction has been broken, the breaking of the physical addiction is right along with it.

Seeing oneself living their life happy and free of smokeless tobacco while under hypnosis is a powerful vision. So powerful that it can break the psychological addiction that keeps a person addicted to smokeless tobacco. All it takes is getting started with that first hypnosis session at Portland hypnosis.

If you are in need of help to quit chewing tobacco and would like to learn more about how hypnosis can specifically help you – see our GET Hypnosis in Portland page.

  1. 😀 Hi I’m Jim Creech my friends call me the Creecher. I believe strongly that self hypnosis is very helpful when using it to stop smoking. In fact I recommend it in my coaching program called The ONLY Way to Stop Smoking Easily. The program also includes any use of tobacco as in chewing it.

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