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For the 2015 School Year – SIT IN on Professional Hypnotherapy Training Class


Sit IN on an actual professional Hypnotherapy Training Class

This is an outstanding opportunity to determine if a professional hypnosis course could be right for you.


WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays, 2015

TIME: Between 9am – 5pm

WHAT YOU’LL SEE: Bruce Terrill teach a group of Hypnotherapy student through course materials and hands on practice



Next NGH Hypnosis Training in Portland Oregon

Portland’s own NW Hypnosis Institute is now taking enrollment for their 2014 Professional NGH Hypnosis Training Course

People have all sorts of reasons for becoming skillful with hypnosis.  What’s your reason?  To help others?  To help yourself? To change behaviors or feelings on an subconscious level?  The list of things you can do with hypnosis is endless.  To learn more about the Northwest Hypnosis Institute’s next Portland Hypnosis Training Course see their Professional NGH Hypnosis Training page.


Next PDX Hypnotherapy Certification Course to Start Sat., Sept. 10th

Professional NGH Hypnosis Certification right here in Portland, Oregon

The Northwest Hypnosis Institute’s next Portland Hypnotherapy Certification Course is scheduled to start Sat., Sept. 10th. To learn more see their Complete Professional NGH Hypnotherapy Training Course page.


Test Anxiety Helped by Hypnosis

We’ve all felt stress or anxiety when we’ve had to take a test. Maybe it was that spelling test in third grade, the SAT’s in high school or college finals, test anxiety is not uncommon and we’ve all felt it at some point in our lives. Even the class brain who is always calm, and maybe even smug, when test time rolls around has felt stress at test taking time. How we deal with test taking stress is what can bring success or sabotage our best efforts and thorough preparation for the test. Hypnosis has been found to aid in relieving test taking anxiety.

Test taking anxiety can be the result of one or many different things from fear of failure, thinking you haven’t studied enough, or exaggerating the importance of the test. Not to say that some tests are not extremely important, but not all of them are of the same importance.

A nurse had to take a test to re-certify for her position at a hospital that she’d held for 20 years. This was an important test and due to her test taking anxiety she failed to pass it the first time she took it. She knew that test taking anxiety had been the cause, so before taking the test again she sought the help of a hypnotherapist. Together the nurse and hypnotherapist found that her test taking anxiety was caused from her fear of losing her job and thus letting down her family.
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Relax Portland: Self-Hypnosis for Stress

Stress FreeJust Got Out of I-5 Gridlock?

Another Parking Ticket in China Town?

Somebody Broke into Your Car at the Rose Gardens?

PDX News Got You Upset?

Feeling Stressed Portlander?

Well We’ve Got a Stress-Buster For You!!!

Portland Hypnosis professional and NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor Bruce Terrill (in the goodness of his own heart for his fellow Portland’ers) has released his “STRESS BUSTER: Quick Self Hypnosis Technique For Stress“.  This release comes from the current National Guild of Hypnosis Certification Course* that Bruce is instructing at the Northwest Hypnosis Institute.


“This is a quick relaxation script that will allow you to focus on reducing stress by being calm, relaxed and in control. You can reduce stress by practicing this script several times each day as you go about your daily activities.” Get the full script for Free Now… but only if you actually live in Portland Oregon… ok, just kidding about the P-town requirement.

“*NGH Hypnosis Certificate Course Graduates are certified in 15 methods of stress management including self-hypnosis, autogenic exercises, imagery, anchoring, relaxation visualization, progressive neuromuscular relaxation, thought stopping, systematic desensitization, guided meditation, stress hypnosis, etc.See: the NW Hypnosis Institute’s Hypnosis Training Course in Portland Oregon for more info on learning hypnosis.