$1,100 Partial Scholarship for Pro Hypnotherapy Training in Portland Oregon

img_hypnosis-scholarships_NWHIThe NW Hypnosis Institute is now accepting online applications for their $1,100 Hypnotherapy Partial Scholarship.  See course details here.

2015 CLASSES ON: Saturdays and Sundays,
SEE Full Schedule: http://www.portlandhypnosistraining.org/training-courses#when

ONLINE FORM: http://www.portlandhypnosistraining.org/scholarship-application.html

For the 2015 School Year – SIT IN on Professional Hypnotherapy Training Class


Sit IN on an actual professional Hypnotherapy Training Class

This is an outstanding opportunity to determine if a professional hypnosis course could be right for you.


WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays, 2015

TIME: Between 9am – 5pm

WHAT YOU’LL SEE: Bruce Terrill teach a group of Hypnotherapy student through course materials and hands on practice

SIGNUP REQUEST FORM: http://www.portlandhypnosistraining.org/sit-in-on-an-actual-pro-hypnotherapy-class.html

2015 Pro Hypnosis Certification Courses in Portland OR.

The NEXT Hypnosis Training Course for Professional Hypnosis Certification in Portland Oregon is Getting Ready to Start

Course Details: http://www.portlandhypnosistraining.org/training-courses

Pro Hypnotherapy Course Overview:

  • The complete 100-hour National Guild of Hypnotist’s (NGH) Professional Hypnosis Certification Course
  • The complete 80-hour Northwest Hypnosis Institute’s Advanced Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Course
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • All Study Materials
  • 1-year membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists

Course Testimonials: http://www.portlandhypnosistraining.org/testimonials

Next NGH Hypnosis Training in Portland Oregon

Portland’s own NW Hypnosis Institute is now taking enrollment for their 2014 Professional NGH Hypnosis Training Course

People have all sorts of reasons for becoming skillful with hypnosis.  What’s your reason?  To help others?  To help yourself? To change behaviors or feelings on an subconscious level?  The list of things you can do with hypnosis is endless.  To learn more about the Northwest Hypnosis Institute’s next Portland Hypnosis Training Course see their Professional NGH Hypnosis Training page.

How I Stopped Smoking with Hypnosis

No longer am I a slave to cigarettes, nor do I spend my “spare money” on expensive cigarettes or feel ashamed about stinking as I flit around Portland with my friends. Many years ago I was hypnotized and was able to quit smoking. Now I am one of those proud, obnoxious, ex-smokers who make friends smoke outside the house.

The biggest problem I had with smoking was the modeling I was providing for my children. Stopping smoking was a thundering message in itself to my children about my values and taking action to make caring for myself a priority! It wouldn’t matter what I said or did, if I continued to suck on a cigarette, the message would be that smoking is acceptable. Portland is a great place to raise healthy children and I didn’t want mine watching their parent participating in harmful behavior which ran contraire to my espoused views living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of oneself. Sucking up poisonous gases was not something I wanted to show my children was okay. Nor is it okay to mistreat ourselves. Addressing hard problems? Tackling a tough addiction? Not giving up? You bet! Let’s show the kids that this is how we roll!

Because I was finally successful, (I haven’t smoked for 15 years) I wanted to learn why and how hypnosis works and have considered for sometime learning to hypnotize and help others. My friends knew I had used hypnosis to quit smoking and began being interested in hypnotherapy also. But when they asked me what, exactly, a hypnotherapist does, if hypnosis works and, if so, (eye brows raised) how, I was unable to provide concrete answers. I know it works because hypnosis worked for me and I have spoken with countless co-workers and others, who have used hypnotherapy to quit smoking, lose weight and deal better with anxiety and more.

Being a critical thinker, I wanted solid information. From Wikipedia (September 20, 2011) I learned…
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Hypnosis to Help with Chewing Tobacco Addiction

We all hear how unhealthy smoking is, and about second hand smoke and now how public places are smoke free. What we don’t hear about is smokeless tobacco and the consequences caused by the habit. Some people turn to it because it is more convenient than smoking, and others picked up the habit because their sports hero or other role model dipped. Everyone hears about lung cancer and how it’s linked to smoking or second hand smoke. There is little or no mention of lip, tongue or mouth cancer caused by smokeless tobacco. Unlike innocent victims of lung cancer caused by second hand smoke, there are no innocent victims of mouth cancer by smokeless tobacco for the media to display. Therefore the dangerous addiction to smokeless tobacco still resides in the shadows.

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Gambling Addiction & Hypnosis

There is a quote by Jack Yelton, “There is a very easy way to return from a casino with a small fortune: go there with a large one.” For some people gambling is entertainment. They go with an allotment of money set aside for gambling and when it is gone, they are done gambling. But for others gambling is an addiction not unlike smoking or drinking. The gambler is often thinking of the next time he or she will be able to gamble.

The reasons men start gambling, the games they play and at what age they start usually differ from women according to the Good Gambling Guide. Men usually start their gambling habit at an earlier age, around 35 years old, and play the more competitive table games like blackjack, in an attempt to beat the house and show how skillful they are. Women, on the other hand, usually start their gambling habit a little later in life, around 45. Women also have a tendency to gamble at games such as slots where they are alone and the game requires minimal or no skill.

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Nail Biting

When we meet people, we really don’t think much about the act of shaking hands with them.  But for people who bite their nails, that simple act can cause embarrassment, shame, anxiety and feelings of social stigmatism.  People who bite their nails may not understand why they do it and sometimes even feel like they have no control over it.  This is where Portland Hypnosis can help.

There are two basic reasons why a person bites their nails.  One is that it is a habit, something that the person does without realizing it such as when he or she is watching TV or a movie, or they do it even out of boredom.  The other reason is that it is a compulsion, something that the person has to do and will even interrupt other activities to bite their nails.  When this is the case, the compulsion serves a purpose, whether it is to relax the person or deliver some sort of pleasure, or sometimes when the person is bored it provides a needed degree of stimulation. Read more »

Pain and Hypnosis

We’ve all had that pain that lingers. Sometimes from an injury, new or old, and sometimes we don’t know what it’s from, but it just won’t let up or go away. Typically for the easing of pain doctors will prescribe pain medication. Which therein can lie some problems of its own. Some people can’t or won’t take pain killers due to choice, sensitivity, allergies, severe side effects or even addiction and the potential to become addicted. This is where hypnosis for pain management can come into play.

Pain lets us know something is wrong, and if we get rid of the pain all together we can potentially cause permanent damage to a recently injured body part. With hypnosis we can lessen the pain to make it manageable, but no so much that we forget there is something wrong. By having the person see or imagine seeing the pain where it hurts in the body and giving it a shape and a color we can begin to help the person manipulate it. We would ask the person what shape it is, the color, and then ask if the person can make it bigger or, ideally, smaller. We can then ask if the person can change the color and make it less intense. By making the pain smaller and a less intense color, it would ease the pain to a more tolerable level, but still leave enough as a reminder not to over do it. Read more »

Next PDX Hypnotherapy Certification Course to Start Sat., Sept. 10th

Professional NGH Hypnosis Certification right here in Portland, Oregon

The Northwest Hypnosis Institute’s next Portland Hypnotherapy Certification Course is scheduled to start Sat., Sept. 10th. To learn more see their Complete Professional NGH Hypnotherapy Training Course page.